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Barrel room


In a manner similar to that of our philosophy in the vineyard, striking the right balance for the wines is a key idea for us. We strive to make our wines reflect their environment and the season in which they were grown, highlighting the best that our terroir has to offer.

The harvest date of each parcel is selected based on how the fruit tastes, while also keeping an eye on fruit sugar ripeness. More concentrated sugar in the berries means a higher alcohol wine, so identifying the time of best varietal flavours before the fruit gets too sugar-ripe is key.

When that time arrives, our winemaking philosophy is for a light touch, aiming to retain the best fruit characteristics but complement them with winery practices that make for a more satisfying wine in the glass. For example, juices may be fermented in old oak barrels, which provides richness and greater weight on the palate without dominating the taste of the wine.

The Winery

Photos taken from under the old press, looking out towards a person cleaning equipment
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